Caglayan Refrigeration Company has been founded in 1979. In the province of Konya which is an important industrial and commercial center of Central Anatolia. Which has very easy transportation by main road, sea, air and railway connections, still continues commercial and production activities in the same city. Over the past years it has managed to become one of the most powerful companies of Turkey in refrigeration sector by investing regularly to the most recent today’s technologies.


Caglayan Refrigiration was established in Konya, a significant industrial and commercial city in Central Anatolia with access to land, sea, air and railway transportation, in 1978 and stil continues with commercial and production activities in the same city. We have succeeded to become one of the leading companies of the sector in Turkey by investing in technology through the years.

We export our products to more than 55 countries in Europe, Middle East, North Africa, North America and Australia regions and continents, and offer our customers high quality and environmentally-conscious serve over counters, counters for dairy products, counter for desserts, cold rooms and central cooling systems. We have a wide-spread sales and services network in Turkey and serve our customers 7/24 in after sales services without allowing for any downtime.Caglayan Refrigiration offers you a suitable project through innovation and inspiration embodied by an experienced and specialist staff of more than 150 employees as well as Executives and Engineers.

With an experience of nearly 40 years in the sector, Caglayan Refrigiration is your reliable business partner for all kinds of needs in the refrigiration business with high quality, unique and environmentalist designs as well as after sales technical support, know-how and experience.