Manufacturing high intensity infrared heaters and gas fired heaters since 1991.


Çukurova Isı was born of Çukurova İnş. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. and founded as a separate entity in the first quarter of 1991, to perform the import, marketing, sales, and after sales services of Radiant Heating Systems manufactured by the American company Roberts-Gordon Inc. and designed for difficult to heat large and wide spaces.

Since the day of its founding, Çukurova Isı has developed its product portfolio to meet the developing needs of the country, and continued to serve the market with a diverse range of products relevant to its specialty from ceramic plaque, electrical, and portable radiant systems to outdoor heaters, hot air generators, roof flashings, and even natural gas replacement equipment. Çukurova Isı which operates in process burners as well as in heating systems are the representatives for Turkey of Roberts-Gordon Inc., Algas-SDI International LLC, Flynn Burners Corp., Aztec Inc. from the US; Roberts-Gordon Europe Ltd. from the UK; Robur SpA from Italy; Bromic Ltd. from Australia; and Shizuoka Seiki from Japan.

Çukurova Isı also manufactures high intensity infrared heaters and gas fired radiant heaters under its own brands of GOLDSUN and SILVERSUN.