Our company is one of the leading companies in Turkiye on producing Solar Hot Water Systems (SHWS). Especially Polyurethane Insulated and Enamelled Boilers (Single and Double Serpentine and optionally with Electrical Resisstance Heater), Accumulation/Buffer Tanks of from 100 upto 6000 LT and Pressurized Tanks (Under the certification CE 2413 and ISO 9001-2015).

Also we produce Solar Hot Water Systems With Vacuum Tubes and Flat Panel Collector, Manifold and Panel Collector.


Our company, which produces solar energy systems since 1985, became a family company by changing the partnership structure in order to provide better quality service for our dealers and customers in 2010. “OZKAN GUNES ENERJI SISTEMLERI SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI” , which in corporates its second brand as OGES into its company, has continued its investments by completing construction of factory area with 11000 m2 open area and 6.500 m2 closed area in 2016. Our company established the enamel plant in 2017, and has the justified pride of being one of the leading companies of Turkey in the field of serpentine quick boilers and accumulation tanks from 100 liters to 6000 liters. With its modernized machinery and equipment, the professional team has allocated a significant share for R & D investment expenditures and has adopted the principle of “quality first”.

Having many quality certificates in it, our company has recently registered TSE-736, CE-2413, ISO 9001-2015 quality assurance system.

Our company, not compromising on quality and customer satisfaction for a long time, expanded its product range day by day and added pressure tanks, serpentine quick boilers and accumulation tanks to the production line. In today’s world where alternative energy solutions have increased, our company is progressing firmly.

Our company is aware that it needs to improve product quality in order to compete and survive in the rapidly advancing world on the path of globalization and is pleased to offer its products both at home and abroad with its dealers and marketing network which were quickly spread throughout Turkiye.