• FAF3700 Gearbox is used for decreasing the torque needed to rotate the stem through the help of gears with ratio. Gearboxes are designed for FAF Butterfly Valves
  • DN40 - DN400
  • PN 10-16

Valve Gearbox

HS Code : 848340

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*** Has cast iron body; stem and sealing seat are made of stainless steel.

*** Lowering the minimum torque force allows the opening and closing of the valve by single operator.

*** While the open-close torque of the valve with gearbox decreases, the number of turns needed to open-close the valve increase.

*** Attention should be paid on the connection dimensions and gear- box ratio when selecting an actuator for the valve.

*** The DN dimensions and gearbox types mentioned on the table are given according to the general applications.

*** It is advised to receive support from FAF Valve technical staff while selecting gearboxes.

*** Most of the valves require an operator torque that can only be achieve with a gearbox. There are part turn and quart turn manual actuators.

*** Manual actuation is usually drove by handwheels. Valves whose ac- cess location makes difficult to operate on them can be drove by chain wheels.

*** For security, the driver can be out of the gearbox spigot.

*** Only authorized operators who bring the handwheel or wrench nut with them can operate the valve.