• FAF2300 Wafer type Check Valve, while allowing the flow mov-ing to the desired flow direction, stops the flow when exposed to backflow.

Swing Check Valve

HS Code : 848130

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*** The disc hinged on the body is placed within the flow section.

*** With the start of movement at defined flow direction on the system, the disc leaves the flow section by turning in its axis and allows the flow pass

*** When the flow stops, the disc sits on the EPDM sealing rings placed on the body through disc spring force and maintains %100 tight sealing

*** Deigned to maintain the minimum head loss on the pipeline

*** Through its short installation length and eye screw (hook), easy to install between two flanges

*** Due in part to their oversized, heavier discs, typical full-sized swing check valves only fully open at an average flow rate of 11 ft/s. When activated at a lower flow rate, these valves loose true controllability and do not fully open

*** A partially open disc creates an obstruction that produces a higher pressure drop and fluttering of the valve disc - disturbing the flow and increasing the chance of water hammer.

*** FAF2300 is suitable to eliminate these problems. It has been engineered to accelerate line media through the valve and achieve a virtually unobstructed full opening in low pressure.

*** Constructed with stainless steel swing

*** Body can be made of galvanized carbon steel (FAF2330) or stain-less steel (FAF2300). Disc is made of 1.4301/AISI 304 stainless steel for both types

*** Has stainless steel body, disc and spring

*** Can be installed in horizontal or vertical position

*** No maintenance needed

*** Effective for preventing minor leakage.