• FAF7340 Double Orifice Non-Slam Kinetic ARV; to be used for the purpose of releasing the exsiting air in the potable water transmis- sion lines and water networks after installation or during emptying and refilling the pipeline due to maintenance works.
  • DN50 - DN250
  • PN 10-16

Air Release Valve

HS Code : 848180

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*** Double Orifice Non-Slam Kinetic ARV to be used for the purpose of vacuuming air into the pipe during emptying the pipeline due to maintenance or failure circumstances. In addition, to release small air particules that may occur time to time during operation.

*** Double Orifice Non-Slam Kinetic ARV is installed to the pipe with a flanged connection.

*** One of the most important feature of Double Orifice Kinetic ARV compared to conventional type of Double Orifice ARV is that air outlet diameter has the same size with inlet diameter.

*** Double Orifice Kinetic ARV’s are known as four function ARV’s; air release, air vacuum, prevent blocking due to sudden closure and releasing air under pressure with the help of the second orifice.

*** Eliminates the problem of early closure.

*** Provides a big advantage during installation and operation with its single body design and low weight.

*** High resistant float parts made of HDPE eliminates the negative effects of deformation and abrasion.

*** Ductile Iron Body, flanged connection according to EN 1092-2. Float part made of polyethylene which can be replaced easily.

*** Body and cover of ductile iron with blue epoxy coating.

*** Release valves can be manufactured with flanged or screwed ends.

*** Working pressure range: 0.2 – 16 bar.

Temperature +130 °C (EPDM)