• FAF1400 series are robust and reliable flanged ball valves for fitting in between PN40 flanges. Body material in ductile iron iron with stainless steel ball and stems are improving the durability of the valve. FAF1400 series are offering a large wide range of applications through to PTFE sealing.
  • DN15 - DN150
  • PN 16-25-40

Ball Valve

HS Code : 848180

Certificates : certificate certificate certificate

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*** FAF1400, PN 40 flanged ball valve is operating by a ball having a hole with the same size as the flow section, through the help of the stem, rotating quarter turn (90 degree) between teflon seats where the ball to be parallel or perpendicular to the flow axis.

*** Can be installed bidirectional.

*** Through the stainless steel belleville spring reinforced teflon (PTFE) seats, 100% tight sealing is achieved in lowest and highest pressure ratings.

*** Can be installed directly to the pump without any need for addi-tional intermediary parts.

*** The compatibilty of teflon material with various flow types and its resistance to higher temperatures enables it to be used in wide range of applications.

*** It is appropriate to be used in fully open or fully closed positionyIn fully open position, since there is no reduction in flow section, the head loss is nearly zero.

*** Can be operated with lower torque ratings.

Temperature +200 °C