• FAF 5100 Axial Expansion Joints removes vibration and variation that expansion and contraction arising from temperature differences in pipelines.
  • DN32 - DN600
  • PN 16

Expansion Joint

HS Code : 730799

Certificates : certificate certificate certificate

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*** FAF Axial Expansion Bellows have been designed to control vibration, reduce noise, relieve stress, prevent system shock and compensate for misalignment and movement.

*** Absorbs dimensions differences and vibrations occurs due to thermal differences.

*** With the liner optiton, it prevents the errosion on the bellows that could occur at high flow velocities with vibration and obrasion.

*** Use of braided metal connectors for applications such as pumps, compressors, and other mechanical equipment will enhance the overall operation of the system.

*** Allows balancing of the pipeline lateral and angular movements.

*** Provides easy installation due to rotary flanges.

*** Dampens mechanical vibrations and reduce sound conducted through solids on pumps and compressors.

*** Compensates for thermal movements and vibrations in flue gas ducts of boilers and engines.

*** As assembly aids for pumps, fittings and plate heat exchangers.

*** Expansion joints are used in lots of applications, where it concerns safety, health, environment, durability and lifetime. Bellows are made from stainless steel strip which is first welded to a thin walled tube and formed to a bellow afterwards.

*** It can be manufactured as rotary flanges (FAF5110), Welding Ends (FAF5120), Fixed Flanges (FAF5130).

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-20, +430 °C