• FAF6200 Resilient-seated gate valve with bolted cover connection; made of premium materials and with special coating designed as both clockwise (default) and anti-clockwise directions. (optinal)

Gate Valve

HS Code : 848180

Certificates : certificate certificate certificate

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*** 100% tight sealing is achieved through EPDM covered wedge fully contacting the fusion bonded epoxy coated flow surface.

*** The body and bonnet are manufactured from ductile iron castings. It is resistant to high tensile stress occurring in pipelines.

*** Low operating torque due to plastic sliding guides on the wedge

*** Maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant stem sealing

*** With O-ring sealing

*** Up to DN 300 (inclusive) sizes are supplied with hand wheel as de-fault DN 350 (inclusive) and above can be supplied with gear box as optional

*** Large conical stem hole in the wedge prevents stagnant water

*** Wedge and body guide rails ensure stable operation

*** Stainless steel stem with rolled threads for high strength & low operation torque

*** Inner and outer surfaces are coated with minimum 250 microns fu-sion bonded epoxy. 300 microns is available

*** Suitable to use with aboveground and underground applications. Can be operated with actuator, gearbox, handwheel and extension spindle

*** The top of the shaft bearing and shaft nuts are made of MS58 brass. High precision machining enables low operation torques

*** Full bore characteristics without disruption of flow results in low pressure drops across the valve.