• FAF2130 Globe Valve is sealed to the stem and the bonnet with precision welds. The welds need to be performed in close proximity to other valve parts, which can cause damage to the bellows, stem, backseat and packing if not done carefully. FAF does not recom- mend the replacement of a bellows in the field.

Globe Valve Bellow Seal

HS Code : 848180

Certificates : certificate certificate certificate

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*** Long cycle life bellows designed and qualification tested for high pressure/temperature applications.

*** Reduced gland leakage. The use of bellows reduces leakage from the gland components.

*** Zero stem leakage eliminates media loss and satisfies environmen- tal regulations.

*** Zero maintenance results in lower operating costs.

*** Easy maintenance. The valves are effective for reducing mainte- nance costs as the gland packing does not need to be regularly retorqued.

*** Maintains liquid quality. The valve stem and gland components are sealed with bellows to prevent contact with liquids in pipes.