• FAF7150 Underground hydrant is provided water to fire brigade crew at possible fire moment to treat rapidly.
  • DN80 - DN100
  • PN 16


HS Code : 848110

Certificates : certificate certificate certificate

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*** The body of hydrant is underground and the cover is overground. It is vertical to ground and has one outlet.

*** It is designed and manufactured according TS EN 14339 standarts.

*** It can be engaged easily and quickly. It is opened and closed due to hydrant switch by rotating the control shaft, which is at the head of hydrant.

*** Remaining water, which is in the hydrant after usage, can be re- leased by check valve.

*** The hydrant is protected in case of freezing.

*** Can be manufactured at different lengths.

*** Remaining water which is in the hydrant after usage can be released by check valve.

*** Light-weight, inexpensive hydrant tools available.

*** All body and cover plate components are coated with fusion bond- ed powder epoxy

*** Secured by the stainless steel safety stem coupling, and hydrant prevent traffic damage by pulling out if hit by a vehicle preventing damage to the main valve and stem.

*** Easily removable main valve from either the bonnet or grounded- line flange.

*** Hydrants are designed for high performance and easy to install,- maintain and repair.

Temperature, +130 °C