• FAF6500 Knife Gate Valve is constituted by a gate which slides in a narrow body. The upper part of the gate, in closed or opened posi- tion, stands out from the body. This knife gate valve is suitable for liquids that contain a maximum of 5% suspended solids. If used for solids, recommend installing with the body are which indicates the contrary flow direction

Knife Gate Valve

HS Code : 848180

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*** Uni-directional wafer type knife gate valve

*** Can be installed both between two flanges, or using an opposing flange, at the end of a pipeline.

*** Bonnet sealing gasket can be replaced on the line.

*** Suitable for actuated operation with additional top flange.

*** Knife shaped wedge design, cutting the fiber fluids, makes it suit- able to work in wastewater treatment plants, textile and food industries.

*** EPDM rubber gasket seat is inserted inside the body cavity.

*** With mechanical position indicator of the knife.

*** Stem and gate connection is secured with self-locking nuts.

*** Gate, stem, bolts and nuts of acid-resistant stainless steel.

*** Slim design and low weight.

*** Various seal and packing materials available.

*** Manual (handwheel, chainwheel, lever and bevel gear), pneumatic (single and double-acting), electric and hydraulic actuation options available.

*** Due to design, operating pressure is lower than nominal pressure for larger diameters. Please ask for technical support..