• FAF2500 Y-Strainers are installed in a piping system to remove un-wanted debris from the pipeline, protecting expensive equipment downstream such as pumps, meters, spray nozzles, compressor, and turbines. They can be placed in a horizontal or vertical pipeline as long as the screen is in a downward position.

Strainer Y Type

HS Code : 842121

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*** Y-Type strainer is used for filtering the mass particles inside the flow through the steel filter chamber situated in the body.

*** Straining is accomplished with an internal mesh lined straining element, the size of which should be determined based on the size of the smallest particle to be removed. Recommended for installation upstream of control valves.

*** Double filter Construction avoids water hammer effects.

*** By removing the cover placed on the body, detailed cleaning can be performed or filter can be replaced. Quick removal of lid for maintenance.

*** The hole diameters on the filters are determined in order to have a minimum effect on the head loss and flow rate.

*** According to request, the hole diameters of the filters can be manufactured in different dimensions.

*** Inner and outer surfaces of the Y-type strainer are coated with fusion boded powder epoxy (FBE) optionally with industrial epoxy.

*** DN 15-DN 200 Filter size: 20 Mesh.

*** DN 250- DN 400 Filter size: 40 Mesh.

*** Filter mesh size can be changed according to request.

*** Plug MS58 BRASS.

*** Stock piled for quick delivery.