• FAF2270 Swing Check Valve is ideal for all basic commercial/indus- trial general backflow prevention applications. Durable ductile iron construction resists pipeline stresses and distortion.

Swing Check Valve

HS Code : 848130

Certificates : certificate certificate certificate

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*** With the start of movement at defined flow direction on the sys- tem, the disc leaves the flow section by turning around its axis and allows the flow pass.

*** The disc fixed inside the body in located on the flow axis.

*** Sealing is achieved by metal to metal seating. Rubber coated disc is available. (Optional)

*** All external surfaces are primed and painted for corrosion resist- ance.

*** Can be installed in either vertical (upward flow only) or horizontal (cover upright) applications.

*** Designed with focus on easy access to maintenance. By unscrewing a few bolts the bonnet assembly including hinge and disc can be removed from the body, and maintenance can be performed.

*** Zero stem leakage eliminates media loss and satisfies environmen- tal regulations.

*** Effective for energy savings.

*** Stock piled for quick delivery.