• High capacity, louvered face directional diffusers blend harmoniously with architectural details and are available with a wide array of frame styles for easy integration with modular ceiling systems. The KTA features large square and rectangular inlets for reduced inlet velocity, resulting in low sound and pressure drop even at high airflows. The louvered face diffuser is highly configurable with multiple core styles, airflow patterns, and optional features to tailor this product to specific applications.
  • The KTA is well suited to applications that require large volumes of airflow at low sound and pressure drop. Concentrated airflow is discharged from each active side of the diffuser, resulting in longer throws that are ideal for high ceiling applications.

Ceiling Diffusor

HS Code : 841590

Certificates : certificate certificate certificate

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KTA-S : Square ceiling diffuser with curved blades with fixed core

KTA-A : Square ceiling diffuser with curved blades with removable core



Standard Product: Extruded Aluminum frame and core.

According to customer request: Extruded Aluminum frame, sheet core or sheet frame and core



Square ceiling diffuser can be manufactured according to the ceiling structure. It can be manufactured as 4-way as standard and can be manufactured as 1-2-3 way as optional.. Square ceiling diffusers KTA... for supply of cooled and heated air offices, shopping center etc...



·        Powder coated in RAL 9010 colour as standard

·        Satin aluminum anodized

·        Other colours on request



·        Screw {Standard)

·        Clips

·        Spring

·        No Fixing



·        PKD: Parallel blade damper, ZKD: Opposite blade damper

·        PK: Plenum Box, KS: Mounting Frame

·        1,2,3 way models available