• The Swirl Diffuser produces a high induction radial swirl pattern which promotes rapid temperature equalization and is suitable for VAV applications where high turndown is present. This product can be installed in standard 24 in. x 24 in - 595x595mm. lay-in ceiling grids or surface mounted using a plaster frame.

Swirl Diffuser

HS Code : 841590

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Ceiling swirl diffusers in air conditioning systems create a swirl to supply air to rooms. The resulting airflow induces high levels of room air, thereby rapidly reducing the airflow velocity and the temperature difference between supply air and room air. Ceiling swirl diffusers allow for large volume flow rates. The result is a mixed flow ventilation in comfort zones, with good overall room ventilation, creating only very little turbulence in the occupied zone.

SWD124 : Swirl diffuser with adjustable and circular arranged blades and circular front plate

SWD224 : Swirl diffuser with adjustable and circular arranged blades and square front plate

SWD324 : Swirl diffuser with fixed and square arranged blades and square front plate



Sheet metal front plate and plastic blades



SWD series swirl diffuser, type is used for the supply and return of cooled and heated air in facilities such as office, shops, meeting room, cinemas, and with height between 2.60m and 4.00m.And with special arrangement of blades it is possible to use heights upto 6m. The air pattern can be adjusted to meet different local requirements. Horizontal air discharge is one-way, two-way or omni directional. Vertical air discharge is possible but only for heating. The supply air to room air temperature difference may range from –14K to +12 K.



•      Powder coated in RAL9010 colour as standard.

•      Other colours on request



•      Bridge (standart)

•      No Fixing



•      Plenum box