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Air Cleaning Device

HS Code : 732690

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*Complies with occupational safety and health legislation

*Absorbs the polluted air

*The polluted air is cleaned by 98% and released back to the working environment in models with U-Tex Cartridge filter. It does not cause heat loss.

*Provides comfortable working spaces with breathable air

*Models with U-Tex Cartridge filter work with the surface filtering principle.

*Main filter elements are selected to be suitable for the materials that will be filtered

*The unit also has a flame-retardant pre-filter and a cleanable metal filter.

*In models with U-Tex Cartridge filters, main filter elements are periodically cleaned automatically with 6 bar air.


It can be used safely in welding, grinding, odour control, deburring, polishing, powder mixing, sandblasting, soldering, spray painting, plasma cutting, polishing, chipping, cleaning, etc.