• Single Inlet Mini High Vacuum U-TEX Filter Units

Air Cleaning Device

HS Code : 842139

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It is single entry. UAS® FORTE ANTISTATIC vacuum hose, which does not cause small-scale static electricity, can be used easily in narrow areas, it is very light, it is very strong. It provides tremendous suction efficiency and high static pressure with one high performance turbine. The cartridge filter works on the principle of surface filtration. It is particularly ideal for the extraction of welding fumes and light dust. The cleaning rate of 99.9% is suitable for separating the dust that can settle in the alveolar pits of the lungs. The cleaned air returns to the environment and the ambient temperature does not change. It is cleaned manually with air. Different magnetic nozzles, sanding tools, welding torches with integrated suction can be connected to the unit.

Standard Equipment

– On/Off switch

– 1 magnetic flat hood

– 1 piece of 10 m long high vacuum hose

– Warning light showing that the unit is working

– 5 m main input cable

– Cable carrier

– 1 piece of U-TEX Cartridge filter (It is cleaned manually with compressed air. It is replaced with a new one when its service life expires)

Optional Add-ons

– 200137 – UAS-23-200-08 300 Mm Magnetic Foot Vacuum Nozzle

– 200138 – UAS-23-200-09 600 mm Magnetic Foot Vacuum Nozzle

– 200139 – UAS-23-200-10 Steel Tube Magnetic Footed Vacuum Nozzle with Hood

– 200140 – UAS-28-010-030 Shield Type Suction Hood

– 200141 – Speed control (1 piece should be used)