• Body is manufactured from high quality galvanised sheet.
  • All equipment used is suitable for operation in case of fire.
  • The motor is three-phase and double-speed and is IP55 and Class F insulated.
  • The propeller is of an adjustable angle type and is made of special alloyed aluminum.
  • Can be installed between ducts or on the floor.

Axial Fan

HS Code : 841459

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Axial Fresh Air Fan; The body is made of high quality, corrosion resistant galvanized steel. The blade angles of the propellers used are adjustable and manufactured from special alloy aluminum.

It is manufactured between Ø400mm and Ø1250mm diameters. According to the project used, there are two-way, one-way, double-speed and single-speed options. At the points where the sound level is sensitive, the sound level can be controlled by adding a silencer. The P-FWA series is the ideal choice for high performance and trouble-free operation.

Usage Areas

It can be used in all kinds of industry, office, shopping mall, residence, school, hospital and residential ventilation to meet the need for fresh air in ventilation systems.

Axial Fans

Axial Fans used in car park ventilation systems, for which we, as Fanturk, have a very wide reference list, are used for fresh air supply in indoor car park systems. Today, jet fan ventilation systems have surpassed ducted ventilation systems in closed parking lots. Smoke exhaust fans and fresh air fans are used to exhaust the smoke from the fire in the parking lot. Since high flow rates are needed, axial fans are preferred to perform this process.

Axial Fresh Air Fan Features

Axial fans are generally used in car parks. It is also used as stair and elevator shaft pressurization fans. The body of the Axial Fans produced with Fantürk quality is made of galvanized sheet. It has a very durable structure. Thanks to its mounting feet, it provides easy installation to the user. It can optionally be used between channels. Silencer can be mounted on the suction or discharge ports upon request. There are two-way and one-way options, as well as double-speed and single-speed options, it can be preferred according to the characteristics of the area to be used.

Adjustable Propeller Angle

The propellers used in Axial Fans are produced from special aluminum alloy material. The propellers are angle adjustable. It is calculated in the project and the most suitable propeller is selected for the requested operating point.

Ergonomic Design

Thanks to the ergonomic design, the axial fans to be used in the project are suitable for all types of mounting. They are produced as inter-channel, in-shaft, ceiling mounting, and can be easily mounted on the roof floor. In this way, they provide easy installation for the customer and also easy operation for the users.