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HS Code : 391732

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UAS® MODERATO Polyurethane Hoses Resistant to Abrasion

UAS® JAZZ Polyurethane hoses for aggressive abrasive solid, liquid and gases materials

UAS® BLUES Black steel wire Polyurethane Hoses for aggressive abrasives

UAS® ADAGIO Hardly inflammable Polyurethane Hoses

UAS® ANDANTE Microbe and hydrolsis resistant Polyurethane hoses

UAS® PIANO Hoses for Food and Pharmaceuticals industry

UAS® FORTE Antistatic and electrally conductive Polyurethane hoses

UAS® ALLEGRO Hot air hoses -240°C +300°C

UAS® RAPSODI Clip Hoses -240°C +1100°C

UAS® TRIO Two Layer Hoses

UAS® TRIO Very Special Hoses

UAS® CONNECT Hose Components