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HS Code : 842139

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–It has UAS® Acrobat arm on it.

-It responds to various needs with its ergonomic structure.

-It is economical and practical.

-It can easily be moved from one place to another with its wheels.

-UAS® Acrobat arm can stand at any desired point without additional support.

-It can reach the high exhaust pipes of construction machinery and similar vehicles.

-It discharges the gas-dust-odour-steam and similar emissions that are desired to be absorbed.

-It can be used on its own or can be connected to the central ventilation system.

-It can be used safely in many works such as welding fume evacuation, exhaust gas evacuation, odour evacuation, grinding, polishing and polishing dust evacuation.

-The shooting hoses are made of polyurethane with helix steel wire, which is very resistant to abrasion and friction, and are non-flammable.

-All models have a standard 10-meter hoses.

-Suction hoses are selected according to specific needs.

-UAS® Mobile Exhaust Gas Extraction Units have an ON/OFF engine protection switch, 5 meters power supply cable as standard equipment.

-Different suction nozzles can be used on the unit.

-Ex-Proof and acid resistant models can also be produced.