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In industrial environments, a large variety of toxic gases, fumes and dusts mix into the air and cause destruction, especially in the lungs, respiratory tract and other vital organs, once inhaled by workers. Therefore, harmful substances such as gas, dust, smoke and similar substances must be absorbed and cleaned regularly. As is known, a healthy working environment minimizes time losses and allows for increased productivity.

Ünveren offers effective solutions for systematic cleaning of the air in industrial working space.

Working environments with clean and breathable air are constant essential needs of the workplaces. The ideal solution for the protection of such working spaces can be guaranteed with a point vacuum system.

The Welding Fume Extraction and Filtering Unit has an On / Off switch, a warning light indicating that the device is working, a warning light to indicate that the filter is dirty, a 5 metre main input cable and a cable carrier.

The filter set has 4 stages with expanded surface. Polyurethane, Fiber, HEPA, Activated Carbon Cassette Filters clean the polluted air by 99.9%. The cleaned air returns to the environment.

It is ideal for scattered welding and suitable for high alloy steel welding. Thanks to its wheels, it can be easily moved from one place to another. 1 or 2 UAS® Acrobat Exhaust Arms can be connected to the unit.


consists of a self-supporting 360° rotatable UAS® FORTE PU-L ANTISTATIC AND NON-FLAMMABLE POLYURETHANE HOSE and a 360 ° rotatable air-damping hood.

It can be brought to any position and remain without additional support.

The 360 ° rotatable hood is designed to completely meet point vacuum conditions by blocking welding fumes. UAS® hoods are 40% more efficient compared to ordinary hoods.

In addition to standard Thermoplastic UAS® hoods, it could also be optionally manufactured with stainless steel, galvanized steel, painted steel.

UAS® AKROBAT EXHAUST ARMS lighting set and fan motor on/off remote control are optional.

UAS® Acrobat arms can also be used separately, without being attached to the filter units.

Standard Equipment

-ON/OFF Switch

-Warning light indicating that the unit is working

-Warning light indicating that the filter is dirty

-5 metres main input cable

-Cable carrier

-4 stage filter

-PU and fibre filters are manually cleaned with compressed air and should be replaced at the end of their service lives. Activated carbon and HEPA filters should be replaced at the end of their service lives.)

Optional Add-ons

-Lighting set

-Remote Control for Unit ON/OFF switch

Ex-Proof models have the following differences:

-Fan and fan motor are ex-proof.

-The unit is completely epoxy painted.

-ON/OFF switch and electrical installation are ex-proof

-There are no warning lights on the unit.

-Non-flammable and anti-static TPU hoses are used; suitable for flammable and explosive environments