• FAF4100 Brass Ball Valve for gas applications works parallel or vertical position to flow axis by rotating quarter tour (90 degrees) between teflon seats via a ball which is big as flow section through control shaft.
  • DN15 - DN100
  • PN 16-25

Ball Valve

HS Code : 848180

Certificates : certificate certificate certificate

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*** It has brass material, which is made of copper and zinc composite. It is manufactured by die forcing in moulds and by precision ma- chining on CNC machines.

*** FAF branded brass valves made of MS58 quality brass. It has high durability and impact resistance at low temperature. It can be used at water installations.

*** The valves are suitable for line assembly in pipeline, the principal aim is to open and close flow in distribution systems.

*** Recommended for open/close applications.

*** It can be manufactured as FAF4110 Locked ball valve, which pro- vides (Open-Close) locking option

*** Leakproof stem.

*** Stock piled for quick delivery.

Temperature -10, +110 °C